Monthly Events

USPSA 1ST Saturday 10am Matches usually consist of 6 stages and 6-30 round courses of fire. There is movement between shooting positions. Entry $30.00 Sign- up on JCSA members fee $20.00
IDPA- 2ND Saturday 10am Al Divisions including PCC- 6 stages. Shooting starts at 10am entry fee $20.00 signup on contact Rick Lindquist  JCSA members fee $15.00
Falling Plate competition- 3nd Saturday 10am (IRON SIGHTS ONLY) Iron sights, limit 2 mags. 6 rounds each mag. Mandatory reload. Revolvers welcome. one on one competition on 2 plate racks (6 plates) with double popper. Sign up at 9:30 shoot starts at 10am $5 per entry  Steve Blazina
Cowboy Action- 3Rd   Saturday 10amSingle Action Shooting Society Hosted by Olympic Peninsula Straight Shooters Chapter SASS. Set up at 8am, shooting at 10am, Shoot 6 stages $10.00 per shooter Contact Dwayne Roberts at (360)460-4793 
XTC High Power Rifle- 3RD Saturday 10am-Meet at the 100-yard rifle range. NRA/CMP rules or free practice. Required equipment-Rifle(.22LR welcome), ammo (usually 50-100 rounds), optional equipment-slings, ground mat. Entry Fee $10.00 Contact Jay Hennen or Pete Barns
Fun Steel- 4th Saturday 10am Shooting starts at 10am, fee $8.00 per gun 6 stages of 5 steel targets, 25 shots per stage so bring 200 plus rounds of ammo. Contact Steve Blazina at  JCSA members fee $5.00/gun if paying cash
Falling Plate competition- 5th Saturday 10am (PCC AND RED DOT) limit 2 mags. 6 rounds each mag. Mandatory reload. Revolvers welcome. one on one competition on 2 plate racks (6 plates) with double popper. Sign- up- 9:30 shoot starts at 10am $5 per entry for more info. Steve Blazina
Field Craft Class- In the Training building, free classes with a variety of host and topics. Check the newsletter for upcoming topics, dates and times. Contact Rick at most are Free for members, some may have a fee for supplies.
A Girl and A Gun Club – Meeting, trainings & events are emailed to AG&AG members every month. To join or look up calendar events at Contact Erin at
Last Sunday of the month work party 9am-noon Volunteers need to help maintain the grounds, clean, rebuild backers and other special projects.  The range will be providing lunch to our volunteers. Contact Ben Johnson for more info. At **Mondays-(range is closed to shooting)  also great days to volunteer to help out at the range.

Weekly Events

Trap-Wednesdays and Sundays 10am Meet at the club house at 9:30. Members-$5.00 per round, Non-members $6.00 per round 10 round punch card $40.00. Closed last Sunday of the month so Trap will be held the Saturday before. Open to the public.
Long Range-Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays of each month 10am-noon Rifle Range reserved for Long Range 200 -300 yards. Ranges closed during this time- 40-yard, 50-yard and 100-yds Free for members
Pistol Practice- Wednesdays 2pm-4pm This is a free event for members to practice shooting steel targets and USPSA/IDPA courses, learn basic pistol handling and reinforce safety practices. Open to rim fire and pistol caliber firearms only. Erin-
 Rifle Practice-Thursday 1pm-3pm Free event for members-Care and use of tactical rifle 0-50 yards. We use slings, All level of shooters welcome. Contact Rick at
**Mondays- The range is closed to shooting. This is a great day to volunteer on the range for yard maintenance. Contact
Archery- Always open Range hours are for shooting firearms. You are welcome to do non-shooting activities at the range before or after the posted hours or on non-shooting days.