Practiscore Basics

STEP 1: Get the tablets

Get the box of tablets from the Action Pistol conex, and bring it to the range benches.

STEP 2: Designate a Master tablet

Designate a ‘Master’ tablet, a role which almost always falls to the large tablet. This is the tablet to use when registering people, downloading existing registrations from the web, and also for final collation and uploading of match results.

STEP 3: Get the Practiscore Pin #

Log In to your Practiscore Account. If you have access to the JCSA Club Practiscore, you should see the following in the top right menu (with the “padlock” icon). Click the red circled link to get to the club match management page.

Next, find your match in the ‘Upcoming Matches’ section, click the blue circled “Manage” button to get the drop down, and click the red circled “Practiscore Pin #” option

Copy this Pin down however you like. It is needed once on match day.

STEP 4: Connect the Master Tablet to the internet

There are multiple ways to do this. I prefer to turn on the WiFi hotspot on my phone, and then connect the tablet to the resulting WiFi network. If you wish to do this but do not know how, this video has generic instructions

You may also use the JCSA_Range network, but be aware that the access point is above the rifle warming shack, so you may have poor signal in some places.

If you have trouble with the connection, turning the WiFi off and on then reconnecting fixes most problems. Or just get the youngest looking shooter to help out 🙂

STEP 5: Download the online registrations

The last picture from Step 3 explains it, but here are pictures. Do not import registration into a current match.

STEP 6: Register walk-ins and prepare squad tablets

These are combined as a step because I tend to do them simulaneously. Whenever I am not actively registering a person I would be setting up the other tablets. To do this, turn them on, check for battery level, and connect each one to the same WiFi network as the Master tablet. Then open the Practiscore app and go the “Sync Devices” page in the app:

To register walk-ins, or edit existing registrations, see the images below. Using the Master Tablet is recommended because it has a great memory for previous registrants. Often times all you need to check is their division and squad them using the Select button.

At this point, you should be registering people and squadding them appropriately. Usually I ask if they have a preference. After a few times you’ll generally get to know what these preferences are. Also try to project as best you can a ‘squad speed’, and try to arrange the squads in such a way to enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the sport!


This step is easily overlooked, but scoring will not work without this. Note that the Stage Creation screen may look different depending on your game. One note regarding Strings, Targets, and Poppers: As a general rule, Strings should equal number of separately timed strings, Targets should equal number of cardboard targets (regardless of how many strings there are), and same with Poppers/Plates.

Be a little careful when adding stages. Once a stage is added, it can only be partially deleted from the match record. Functionally, this means if you accidentally add a Stage 7 then delete it, you may have to ignore references (such as “[DEL] Stage 7”) to it in certain other parts of the program. 

STEP 8: Final checks, and squad tablet sync

Usually around 5-10 minutes before the shooters meeting or match start, it is a good time to synchronize the Squad tablets with the Master. I want to take a diversion here to explain the fundamental concept behind the synchronization.

Any data ‘saved’ in the Practiscore app has a date and time associated with the saving operation. When one tablet Pulls from the other, it only Pulls data newer (or different) than what it currently has. Through the in-person registration and stage building, the Master tablet should have the match fully setup at this point, and now the Squad tablets need to Pull from the Master to get that information.

This operation can be finicky, with failed connections or ‘unable to find’ errors. Generally speaking, using the Found Devices section is less robust than a direct Pull From Device using the sync code in the bottom left. Using the refresh button may help connectivity. Also disconnecting and reconnecting the tablet to the WiFi may help. Closing and re-opening the Practiscore app may also help with connectivity problems.

To sync the Squad tablets from the Master tablet, type the red circled Sync Code from the Master tablet into the blue circled Pull From Device field on the Squad tablet, and press the Pull button on the Squad tablet.

On each Squad tablet you should be greeted with a request to apply a new match, registrants, and stage information. Say yes to all these requests. Once the new match is pulled to each tablet, it is good practice to TURN OFF WIFI to conserve battery life

STEP 9: Final Squad Tablet setup, and issues during the match

As a courtesy to each squad, bring each tablet to the relevant squad screen.

Tap a shooter to enter their score. After all scores for a stage are recorded, press the back button (top left arrow) twice to select a new Stage. Then select the appropriate Squad to get back to the shooter list.

Here’s a list of common issues that may arise and how to resolve them
  • Incorrect Class: On the shooter’s Squad tablet, go to the Edit Shooters/Squads section and change their class.
  • Want to change squad: On the old Squad tablet, go to Edit Shooters/Squads section and change the shooters squad. Do the same on the new Squad tablet.
  • Stage Error (wrong # of targets, etc): Go to the Build Stage section and make the same correction on each Squad tablet.
  • Shooter no show: Leave them in the squad if they are squadded. Simply skip them in the lineup.
  • Shooter leaves early: Best practice would be to apply a DNF for each stage they do not shoot. Simply skipping them altogether is also fine.
  • Disqualification: If DQ is match director approved, do not edit existing scores, but apply DQ to each stage they do not shoot or failed to finish.
  • Low Battery: If someone has a battery pack, ask nicely if you can use it. Otherwise, get another tablet, Pull from the dying tablet (See Step 8), and substitute it in. The dead tablet should be connected to the charger.

STEP 10: Sync to Master, view, and upload results

Step 8, but in reverse. Connect all Squad and the Master tablet to the same WiFi network, then have the Master pull from each of the Squad tablets.

To see the match results tap the red circled “Match Results”. It is a good idea to review these to check for errors or missing data.

To upload to, SCROLL DOWN to get to the blue circled “Post to” option

The only item you need to input on the “Post to” page is the PS ID, which for our club is 6123. Tap Submit to post to the web.

STEP 11: Put away the toys

Turn off the WiFi on all of the tablets and hook them up to the charging station. Take the red box back to the conex and put it where you found it originally. Last thing to do is to plug the charging station into an outlet to keep all the tablets well charged. Close the lid to keep dust out of the box. Thanks for helping out!