Q: What are your shooting hours?

Closed on Mondays to all gunfire;Closed the last Sunday of each month to all gunfire, Tuesday thru Friday, 10 am to 7 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm. No shooting after sunset or the posted closing hour, whichever is earlier.

Q: What is a Cold Range?

A Cold Range is a range facility that disallows the carry or transport of LOADED, or UNCASED and UNHOLSTERED firearms. JCSA is a COLD RANGE facility.

When getting out of your vehicle and heading to a firing line, any firearms should be unloaded and cased or unloaded and holstered. “Unloaded” means no clip or magazine in the gun and no rounds in the chamber, including dummy rounds.

If you do bring a loaded firearm on the range, it must be in a CASE or HOLSTER, and it must be promptly unloaded at one of the many marked “safe tables” around the range. It must then be returned to a case or holster before further transport.

Unloading or reloading while NOT at a safe zone, including the parking lot, rear pistol bay bench, or while behind ANY other individual is a major safety and rules violation.

Q: How do I become a new member of the association?

To become a member, download the Membership Application, fill out and mail to the PO Box address or you may drop it in the application box on the range located just inside the gate behind the guard house. Include with the application your dues and for a first-time member an initiation fee of $40 per application. Your application will be received and processed by the JCSA Secretary. Upon completion of the processing you will be called for scheduling to attend an orientation. You will meet the rangemaster or a range safety officer for your orientation on the range. That will take approximately 1-1/2 hours. You will learn the layout of the range and all the safety rules as you walk the entire range. At the completion of the orientation, each adult member will receive their JCSA credentials which includes the year and the gate code sticker combination. The New Member Application link is in the top menu

Q: Do you have family memberships?

Yes. The dues are a little more for a Family Membership but includes the primary member, spouse and children under 18 who live in the same household as the primary member. The same application form above is used for “Family” as for an “Individual” member.

Q: How do I renew my membership?

Print and fill out the Member Renewal Form from the main navigation menu, sign and mail with appropriate dues to Jefferson County Sportsmen’s Assn, P.O. Box 737, Port Townsend, WA 98368.

Q: Can I bring a friend to go shooting with me?

If you are a current member, you can bring a guest, at a cost of $10.00 a day. See Guest Policy.

Q: What if I’m not a member? Can I still try out your range?

Yes. You will have to check in with the Gate Staff before you begin and get an orientation and safety briefing and pay a $15.00 range use fee. You do not have to be a club member or pay the range use fee if you are a participant in any of our sanctioned matches and trap shoots and pay the match fee for that activity.

Q: What about targets?

Target stands and backer-boards are provided by the association but you should bring your own paper targets. Take your shot up targets with you when you leave and dismantle and stow your target stands and components. Leave your clay targets on the ground at the trap range. Junk targets like tin cans, water jugs, metal plates, fruits and vegetables are not approved targets. Targets other than paper targets mounted on the target backer boards, unless individually sanctioned by the Rangemaster, are not approved. Targets must be positioned so that shots passing through them will strike the impact berms not the floor of the range or go over the berm.

Q: If the pistol range is in use for a match or other event, can I shoot pistol on the 50-yard range?

Yes. You must hang your targets on the backer boards near the impact berm and move your shooting position down range to an appropriate distance from the backer board. Portable target stands used on the pistol range are not allowed on the 50-yard or 100-yard ranges. Use caution and communicate with other shooters on the range and alert them to your position down range. It’s first come, first served.

Groups with reservations have priority on any of the ranges. Check the Calendar Page to see when the range is reserved for a group activity and plan accordingly.

Safety will always rule when there is a question and the Rangemaster will enforce the rules.

Q: I heard shooting near the range but not on the range. Should I report it?

Yes. Please report this to the Range Master at rangemaster@JeffersonCountySportsmen.org.  Provide the date, time, approximate duration and/or intensity of the shooting and general direction from the range.  This is valuable information for JCSA to counter the ever present complaints about the noise of the range, especially when the shooting is outside of the hours allowed at JCSA. Visit the log.

Q: Are there any Volunteer Opportunities

Yes, Watch the calendar page for Work Party Dates. JCSA is planning to set the last Sunday of each month as Work Party Day when needed maintenance and other projects will be performed. Let JCSA Executive Board know via e mail at info@jeffersoncountysportsmen.org and show up for the day.

And of course JCSA is always looking for people to serve on various committees and to work as Gate house staff and RSO staff. Contact the club at info@jeffersoncountysportsmen.org and let us know how you can help.

Q: How do I use Zoom?

Please view these Zoom instructions

Q: How do I use Practiscore and the tablets to run a match?

See this page for Practiscore basic instructions, and the Rangemaster or Webmaster for more detailed instructions on the online match registration setup.